ETiq store

Etiq Store is part of Etiq Creation, manufacturer of PLV and supplier of accessories for more than 20 years. We design and create innovative products for professionals.

We have a range of more than 1000 standard references visible on our website.
You'll find all of our solutions:

  • - Visual holders (horses, pouches, frames)
  • - Label holder
  • - Slates
  • - Brochure holder
  • - Product displays (boxes, spheres, excavation bins, shop windows)
  • - Animation of your linear (pots, cross-merchandising, grips, stop-rays, twisters)
  • - Accessories (ventus, magnets, plv assemblies)

Our organization allows us to better meet your needs because we specialize according to your profession.

Etiq Creation

Logo Etiq Création

Etiq Creation remains the preferred entity for volume demands for brands and multi-point retailers. We have dedicated salespeople and a design office that are there to offer you unique and original products. We create more than 800 bespoke products per year and already have more than 3000 satisfied customers! Indeed from design to production, not to mention logistics, Etiq Creation scrupulously and in every detail, respects your specifications.

We have 2 production sites which allows us to be very responsive.

Our organization

Below is the organization of our group:


Etiq Store is a website dedicated to independents, administrations and reception areas. We offer products and packaging tailored to your needs.


Are you a dealer, printer or arranger?
Check out our Etiq Products website, which will allow you to place your orders online.


Etiq Creation has extensive retail expertise, we will be able to offer you standard solutions or creations unique to your image.

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