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Label holders

The label holder, a discreet and effective information medium

Store signage requires a full range of accessories to guide the consumer. These small signage accessories provide information about products such as price or provenance. Mark-ups can take many forms such as the stop beam, the flag or the tag. The latter allows prices to be displayed on products while ensuring the barcode is legible. But how to choose from all existing label door models? Magnetic or adhesive label holder, metal label holder or easel is a label holder, we offer you a complete overview of this product, from its primary function to its most original features.

Make the mark-up of his store through the label holders

For a linear, a reel, a shop window, a table, but also for a garden centre, a pharmacy, a fishmonger or even a department store, the label holder meets the signage needs of merchants. It's an ideal medium for displaying prices and product information. Customizable with colour labels, on a yellow background or a red background for example, available in different formats,this medium adapts to shelves as well as clothing racks or glass shelves. There is a full range of models:

  • Wears adhesive label.
  • Magnetic label holder.
  • Label holder with pick and clutch.
  • Pinning label holder.
  • Label holder for pin.
  • Chevalet bears label.
  • Etc.

Wears adhesive label or magnetic label holder: which medium to choose?

The adhesive and magnetic tags are among the most common in stores because they are very functional, but also have a foolproof resistance.

The wearer adhesive label

This support can be easily installed on gondolas, displays or linear lines thanks to its adhesive strips. In PVC, available in white or transparent, it is very resistant and does not interfere with the reading of the barcode. The price tag fits easily and quickly thanks to an opening on the side or top. Finally, sticky price-bearing adjusters are also available in stock to equip larger areas.

The magnetic label holder

The magnetic label holder can be used on all metal supports, such as shelving, tables or boxes. It's a product available in stock in different formats so you can choose the height and width that suits you. The label is protected by a plastic which does not prevent the barcode from being read by a scanner. There are also magnetic tags that allow for quick display and easy repositioning. This product is perfect for storage boxes or mailboxes. The magnetic roll label holder allows you to choose the dimensions of the label, including its length.

The characteristics of other label door models

Many other models are available to suit all products sold:

  • The easel is also sold on a wooden or aluminum base to add an original touch to the signage. Transparent and inclined, it allows a display on two sides on a countertop or in a display case. In classic or mini format, the easel is one of the signage pieces of many showcases.
  • The pinching or pinching label holder comes in different sizes, with pliers or double pliers. The ready-to-lay straight model is ideal for a shop window or countertop, while the ready-to-lay tilted model slips under a pile of clothing. This pinch holder is also used for a wire panière or a reel. Finally, the base model will allow a personalized display since it orients and articulates in all directions.
  • The brooch or clothing label is positioned on the stem of the brooch, whether it is a single brooch or a double brooch.
  • The label holder to plant is ideal for garden centres or fishmongers. White, transparent or black, this product is also available in stock with a pick and pouches to protect the price tag.
  • The plug is an original support since the paper sheet is hung directly on the peak.
  • Finally, the pouches,often sold in batches, are other media used, among other things, for delivery vouchers.

Label customization for high-performance signage

Labels are necessary sales tools because they provide important information to consumers: product use, special prices and discounts, colors or formats available in stock. They can be found for sale in various forms:

  • Labels sold with a magnetic or adhesive label holder. This product in batches allows immediate use in a regulation for example. The magnetic stripe adheres to the metal surfaces and the adhesive tape sticks and is removed without a trace.
  • Labels sold separately. This is the case with the adhesive bag label and the wire label,two products that attach directly to a bag or garment.
  • Roll labels are ideal for customizing the size of the label. This allows you to create different formats by simply playing on the cut-out of the roller. The length adapts to the dimensions of the products for an exclusive display.

When you buy, you can choose the amount that suits your needs: a batch of 10 units, a batch of 50 units, a batch of 100 units, etc. It is also possible to request a quote for a specific quantity. In PVC, on a transparent or white background, sold individually, in rolls or in batches,the label holder is available to meet the signage needs of each store and highlight a specific display. This support, whose width and height vary, is economical, resistant and flexible. Playful presentation of products with original models like the articulated model, or two-sided presentation with the bridge model, this support offers many possibilities of displays for each store.