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Product displays

The Plexiglas display for products

A4 display or A4 easel, countertop display or table display, label or business card holder, vertical or inclined plexiglass display, there are a multitude of supports sublimated by the Plexiglas. From the undeniable qualities of Plexiglas to the final choice of the display, we offer you a complete guide on this flagship product of communication and sales.
The word Plexiglas is now commonly used to refer to a range of displays and supports. Find out how jewellery, brochures, posters and other documents find their place in a quality plexiglass display.

Choose Plexiglas for a quality presentation

The characteristics of the Plexiglas make this material the best ally of product presentations. Whether it's price information or product presentations, Plexiglas remains the ideal material for three main reasons:

  • The Plexiglas is resistant. This plastic, also called PMMA, Plexiglas or plexiglass, is a material that offers a very high strength. So much so that this material, Plexiglas, is found in the manufacture of signage panels, dentures, fiber optics, ophthalmology implants, industrial parts, etc.
  • The Plexiglas is as transparent as the glass. The clarity, transparency and brilliance of the Plexiglas offer objects an unrivalled setting. The display, wall briefcase, leaflet holder or table display, disappears from view to leave only flyers, catalogues, posters or other jewelry in evidence.
  • Plexiglas is a light material. This makes it very easy to attach a wall display to the wall or install a magazine display. Easily moved, however, the Plexiglas display loses nothing in stability and even guarantees the display of documents in optimal conditions.

Sometimes associated with other materials, for Plexiglas displays with a wooden base or acrylic glass base for example, it is an indispensable and reliable support for a business, a restaurant or even a stand in a living room.

The different forms of Plexiglas displays

A wall display, countertop display or table display, there is a complete range of plexiglass displaysin stock with impeccable value for money. Jewelry, brochures, books, flyers or catalogues are highlighted thanks to various media of which here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Display Plexiglas sphere.
  • Plexiglas box or urn display.
  • Plexiglas presenter or staircase.
  • Display Plexiglas tray.
  • PLV, or Advertising on the Place of Sale, counter or height.
  • Plexi desk with aluminum or steel foot.
  • Plexiglas food protection window.
  • Etc.

Each model of Plexiglas displays is specially designed to accommodate a type of product. Thus, the sphere-shaped plexiglass display is ideal for offering products, while the two-sided bridge plexiglass display allows effective communication on prices. The plexiglass wall display, meanwhile, will give height to a pretty poster whose details will be visible through the transparency of the Plexiglas.

The Plexiglas display for communication and sales

The Plexiglas is used to highlight a product, an object or information. If the Plexiglas support is so popular, it is because it improves the visibility of brochures, jewelry or documents.

  • On a show, the opinions are unanimous: the plexiglass display, light, unbreakable and resistant,is the product to have. The PLV, or Advertising on the Place de Vente, provides visibility among the many other stands, while the stair plexiglass display allows products to be displayed safely.
  • In-store, the plexiglass countertop display offers an obvious proximity and an easy grip for customers. The business card, catalogue and flyer are closer to customers with a full range of presentation materials.
  • In a restaurant, the wall display, in A4 or A3 format,discreetly dresses the walls with a poster. In an interior, as the Plexiglas is transparent, the wall display will not hide the wall, whether black, beige or white.
  • Sellers of glasses and telephones have at their disposal a lot of specially adapted Plexiglas displays in which they can highlight their products.
  • Collectibles are also displayed in Plexiglas boxes, such as the glorifying showcase that features a unique and perfectly visible exhibition model. Rare pieces are thus highlighted in the most beautiful way.
  • In a waiting room, the vertical plexiglass flyer display facilitates a discreet display. For its part, the plexiglass display of books is an obvious invitation to read.
  • Finally, in an office, the Plexiglas also finds its place because it allows to display useful information, such as phone numbers or support documents, in different rooms of the office. It is also a way to present a poster or a painting without distorting it: transparent, the plexiglass display passes in the background, behind the poster or the painting.

Choose a plexiglass display in complete serenity

In addition to the shape of the displays, other information must also be taken into account when buying. So you can choose the dimensions of your display so that it fits your space. Formats, such as A4, A3 or A5, allow you to customize your presentation. You will find online a presentation of each model including the dimensions of the product, photos, reviews and prices of all the parts available in stock. Buying a batch of Plexiglas displays will allow you to lower the price of each unit while effectively equipping a display case, counter or any other sales or advice medium. To accommodate all needs, many models are available in stock with fast delivery. If you make your order before noon, the product in stock is shipped the same day and the delivery is made within 48 hours, in France, at the address of your choice. By collecting the product directly from the warehouse, it is possible to benefit from a free delivery. Finally, before your purchase, you will be able to receive a sample, free of charge and on request online. To sell, to display prices or to present products in stock, the plastic easel, the vertical brochure holder and the Plexiglas wall display are unavoidable and undeniable assets. The diversity of the offer and its very attractive price make the Plexiglas display a discreet but dreadfully effective display medium.